Our Flat Fee Selling Plan is Smart, Effective, and Affordable!

The Lake Country Flat Fee model was invented by SE Wisconsin's #1 Selling Realtor, Paul Liebe.

Free consultation & market analysis  |  No up front fee  |  No obligation, cancel any time

One Simple Flat Fee Plan

Why pay 6%, 5%, or even 4% commission to sell your home when we can get you the same MLS and internet exposure for substantially less? Plus you’ll have our team of experienced professionals guide you through the process! The 6% real estate model was conceived before there was an internet. Real estate marketing and public access to information was completely different. Today, the National Association of Realtors even confirms that the overwhelming #1 source where buyers first learn of the home they end up purchasing is on the internet.

Full Service - Flat Fee Listing

$2500Paid at closing
  • Plus 2.4% to agent who procures buyer

How Much Will You Save?

Estimated Listing Price

*These estimates represent the savings amounts of our Selling Plan vs. a traditional 6% Realtor.

Full Service

Your listing with us is a complete Full Service listing.

Full Service Marketability

Full Service status, exposure, service, and support.

MLS Listing

Multiple Listing Service and internet exposure.

MLS and Internet

Receive MLS and Internet exposure equal to any 6% company.

Proven Results

Proven results consistent with 6% companies.

#1 Flat Fee Option

No other flat fee company in SE Wisconsin matches our success.

50% Savings

Save about 50% vs. a traditional 6% Realtor.

Proven Savings

Based on our average sale price, our services will save you about 50%.

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SE Wisconsin’s #1 Selling Flat Fee Plan

web-lcffHave your listing handled Flat Fee and Full Service by the area’s #1 Selling Flat Fee Real Estate Company. You’ll receive the same powerful marketing exposure that any traditional Realtor would provide by getting your property listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and dozens of other real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia,, and numerous national and local broker sites. The MLS is absolutely the most powerful tool available for helping you sell your property. Many of today’s Realtors rely on the MLS almost exclusively to market their properties for sale. Thanks to modern technology, Realtors, clients of Realtors, and the general consumer can easily access the MLS database of listings and instantly have a wealth of information about any property listed on the market.

Our service is designed to give you a Full Service listing with a knowledgeable, respected, and successful Realtor and to save you about half of what you would pay with a traditional 6% company! Getting started is easy. We’ll coordinate a time to meet, gather details and photos, and your property is usually listed on the MLS the next business day.

  • MLS Listing: Your property gets listed on the Multiple Listing Service. The listing length is for 6 months, however the listing can be cancelled early or may be extended if needed for no extra charge.

  • Website Listing and Related MLS Internet Sites: Your property will not only be listed on our website, but it will be listed on every single website that the MLS uploads their data to. This includes high traffic national sites like Zillow, Trulia, and as well as all the popular local broker sites.

  • Digital Photo Shoot of Property: We’ll take and post up to 50 exceptional photos for your MLS and website listings.

  • Professional Yard Sign: A professional wooden post yard sign will be installed on your property.

  • Comparable Market Analysis and Pre-Listing Advice: We can research recently sold properties and current active properties to help you price yours. We’ll also offer listing preparation advice to assure your property is most marketable.

  • Listing Changes: You will always have the ability to request changes to your listing such as the description, photos, and price.

  • FULL SERVICE Status, Exposure, and Marketability: Your listing with us is an important Full Service status in MLS. Both buyers and Realtors prefer to deal with Full Service listings vs. limited service or by owner listings. Full Service listings also receive increased internet exposure as the MLS allows local broker websites to block the limited service listings from displaying if they so choose.

  • Assistance and Support: We strive to provide the same level of professional Realtor assistance and customer support as the traditional 6% companies.

  • Ongoing Advice and Market Updates: Our staff of Realtors are some of the sharpest, most experienced in the area and can provide you with the continued advice needed to lead you to home selling success.

  • Coordinate All Showings: Like many local real estate companies, we utilize Showing Time to assist in scheduling all showing requests. We’ll provide lock box access for all Realtor showings.

  • Feedback Surveys from Showings: Feedback surveys are emailed to all Realtors after every property showing and their responses get emailed directly to us and copied to you.

  • Property Inquiries: We will field all phone calls and inquiries about your property and follow up as needed.

  • Agent Networking and Marketing: Our agents both work with a high volume of buyers and have connections with many of the top local agents.

  • Contract Negotiation and Closing Coordination: Our experienced staff will handle all the steps to efficiently lead you from the receipt of an offer all the way to the closing table.

Thousands of Realtors…… Hundreds of Real Estate Companies…… One Common Marketing Platform……
the Multiple Listing Service!

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is by far the most powerful real estate marketing tool available. The MLS is a network where real estate brokers pool their mls-lcfflistings together and offer compensation to other brokers who find buyers.

This facilitates cooperation amongst all the broker participants. Real estate agents working with buyers use the MLS almost exclusively to find properties for their clients. Most clients of real estate agents are set up on an auto-email search directly cooperation-lcfffrom the MLS.

Additionally, MLS listings are sent to dozens of  popular real estate websites, including well known national sites and many local broker sites. Many of today’s buyers choose to search these websites on their own in transaction-lcffsearching for properties. The property detail available on these sites includes multiple photos and increased information that wasn’t available in the print marketing of old.

The MLS requires that a co-broke commission amount be offered to any real estate agent/broker who finds a buyer for your property. This amount in our area is traditionally 2.4%. To assure your property is most marketable, your listing with us will typically require a 2.4% commission be offered to any real estate agent/broker who procures a buyer for your property.

The other alternatives just don’t compare! Lake Country Flat Fee provides a listing that is both Flat Fee and Full Service. Our selling plan includes all of the necessary marketing, customer service, contract negotiation, and closing coordination and will typically save you over 50% vs. a traditional 6% Realtor.

typical flat fee co.

$?+ 2.4% to buyer's agent
  • MLS Listing
  • Website and Internet Exposure
  • Seller May Have to Provide Photos
  • Potentially No Sign Included
  • Unkown Experience Level
  • Limited Availability for Changes
  • Limited Assistance and Support
  • Limited Advice and Market Updates
  • Seller Handles Showings
  • Seller Responsible for Feedback
  • Seller Handles Property Inquiries
  • No Agent Network
  • Seller Handles Offers or Hires Attorney
  • Potential Savings


$2500+ 2.4% to buyer's agent
  • MLS Listing
  • Website and Internet Exposure
  • Digital Photo Shoot
  • Professional Yard Sign
  • Comparative Market Analysis and Advice
  • Listing Changes Included
  • Ongoing Assistance and Support
  • Ongoing Advice and Market Updates
  • Coordinate All Showings
  • Feedback Follow Up
  • Handle All Property Inquiries
  • Agent Networking and Marketing
  • Contract Negotiation, Closing Coordination

traditional 6% co.

6%+ admin. fee
  • MLS Listing
  • Website and Internet Exposure
  • Digital Photo Shoot
  • Professional Yard Sign
  • Comparative Market Analysis and Advice
  • Listing Changes Included
  • Ongoing Assistance and Support
  • Ongoing Advice and Market Updates
  • Coordinate All Showings
  • Feedback Follow Up
  • Handle All Property Inquiries
  • Agent Networking and Marketing
  • Contract Negotiation, Closing Coordination
  • Increased Service and Results

For Sale by Owner

$?+2.4% to buyer's agent
  • No MLS Listing
  • DIY Internet Exposure
  • Seller provides their own photos
  • Create your own sign
  • Guided by your own industry knowledge
  • Make your own changes to your sale
  • Self-service
  • No professional support or assistance
  • No advice or market updates from real estate experts
  • Seller handles showings
  • Seller responsible for listing feedback
  • Seller handles all property inquiries
  • No agent network
  • Seller handles offers or hires an attorney
  • Potential Savings
  • Learn More About For Sale by Owner vs. Flat Fee

Over $1.6 Billion in Sold Real Estate Since 2002

Below are our sales stats from 2002 to present

  • Waukesha County: 3289
  • Milwaukee County: 711
  • Washington County: 218
  • Jefferson County: 216
  • Dodge County: 120
  • Racine County: 109
  • Walworth County: 77
  • Ozaukee County: 61
  • Oconomowoc: 597
  • Waukesha: 533
  • Pewaukee: 288
  • Delafield: 214
  • Brookfield: 216
  • Merton: 208
  • Hartland: 165
  • Menomonee Falls: 147
  • New Berlin: 139
  • Mukwonago: 120
  • Sussex: 106
  • Lisbon: 82
  • Summit: 76
  • Muskego: 73
  • Genesee: 65
  • Ottawa: 42
  • Nashotah: 41
  • Eagle: 39
  • Dousman: 36
  • Wales: 32
  • Luxury Homes ($400K+): 887
  • Condominiums: 560
  • Lake Homes: 263
  • Multi Family: 177
  • Vacant Land: 164


We currently cover all of SE Wisconsin including the counties of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington, Ozaukee, Jefferson, Dodge, Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha.

Our listings go out to an infinite number of websites. Once we enter a listing into MLS, that data feed is picked up by dozens of popular real estate websites including national sites like Zillow, Trulia, and, as well as many local broker sites including our website.

We start out with a six month listing of your property. Your listing can always be cancelled at any time for no additional penalty or fee. If your property does not sell within six months we can extend it for no additional fee as well.

The MLS requires that a co-broke commission amount be offered to any real estate agent/broker who finds a buyer for your property. This amount in our area is traditionally 2.4%. For example, if you were to list with a traditional 6% real estate company, the listing company would typically end up getting 3.6% commission at closing and 2.4% would go to the company representing the buyer. Note that with our services, if you find your own buyer (via open house, Facebook, word of mouth, etc.) the 2.4% normally paid to the agent who procures a buyer shall be waived!

To get listed we would schedule an appointment to come out and view the property, get all the needed photos and property details, sign off on the listing paperwork, and we will typically have your listing up and running on MLS within 24 hours of the listing appointment.

Absolutely! We would be happy to set up an initial meeting to discuss our services and your property. We can provide advice on getting prepared to sell as well as help with the pricing of your property.

We do not host any open houses. Most Realtors agree that the open house crowd is typically a “shopper” crowd and that buyers are actively searching and scheduling private showings. We allow our sellers to host their own open houses if desired and we can advertise them on the MLS.

Yes, we can always make changes to your listing including changing the price, photos, text, etc. There are no additional fees for making listing changes.

Don’t let them try and fool you, of course they will! That might be a scare tactic argument a 6% Realtor may try and use to get your listing. In reality, the Realtor doesn’t decide what properties get looked at. The buyer does! Realtors from other companies literally conduct thousand of showings on our properties annually and write hundreds of offers.

Yes, our services are completely Full Service. This includes handling all offers and the closing. Once we have an accepted offer we will follow up with all contingencies through to closing. Our closing department will work with the title company to coordinate everything on your behalf.

Absolutely! We will assist you and handle the entire process and just charge you our flat fee at closing. Please contact us and we can discuss all the details.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Flat Fee services will generally save you about 50% when compared to a traditional 6% company.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers successfully use our Flat Fee services every year. We maintain a solid A+ rating with the Wisconsin BBB.
  • We have a team of highly experienced Realtors to handle every aspect of the home sale process.
  • We’ve maintained a solid track record of proven results consistent with any traditional real estate company.
  • We are SE Wisconsin’s #1 Alternative Real Estate Company, and home to SE Wisconsin’s #1 Selling Realtor, Paul Liebe.

What Clients Say

We have bought and sold many times with Lake Country Flat Fee and wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s important to trust who you work with in real estate. We sold our old house very quickly and it was a seamless transaction.

Maria, Brookfield

Very professional and easy to work with. We used Lake Country Flat Fee to sell our home and it sold fast and easy with an almost full price offer on day one of being on the market. I recommend them to everyone.

Chelsea, Sussex

Lake Country Flat Fee saved us thousands of dollars over a traditional realtor. They were very helpful, always available when we needed them, and were a pleasure to work with. They sold our home and helped us purchase a new one. We highly recommend them!

Abby, Oconomowoc

We bought our dream home and couldn’t have been happier with the entire experience. They really went above and beyond.

Keith, Brookfield

We have worked with Lake Country Flat Fee twice and have had such a great experience both times! Sold both houses quickly and were a joy to work with.

Chris, Waukesha

We have bought and sold numerous houses through Lake Country Flat Fee and LOVE the professional service and expertise we received! They made everything easy and we saved a ton of money!

Sarah, Pewaukee

Best of the Best! You are missing out if you are not working with them! Highly recommend!

Tricia, Hartland

Sold our house in 9 days! Doesn’t get much better than that! Quick and easy process. Also bought our home through Lake Country Flat Fee. Always easily accessible to show us what we needed and made closing a breeze.

Andrew, Oconomowoc

Have had great experiences on multiple occasions. Excellent honest and friendly service.

Scott, Delafield

I had an amazing experience with Lake Country Flat Fee! I will use them for all my real estate needs in the future. I highly recommend this company!!!

Sarah, Delafield

We have worked with Lake Country Flat Fee in every real estate transaction. They make buying a home easy. Outstanding customer service!

Stacey, Concord

We could not have been more pleased with the excellent service we received from Lake Country Flat Fee. I would not go with anyone else. We saved a ton of money too not paying high commissions. We always felt like we were in good, professional hands.

Dennis, Summit

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