Thanks to the internet, you can buy and sell almost anything online. There is an incredible backlog of advice and tutorials for selling things online. Home selling is no different.

The internet has streamlined the entire home selling process. Thanks to sites like Zillow and, you control the search process for buying a home—an online listing is all it takes to put your available property in front of thousands of interested buyers.

In times past, the seller’s realtor (known as the “listing agent”) was responsible for marketing your home for sale to potential buyers, but now a few good photos and nice description is all it takes to get your home listed. It’s no wonder that some sellers have started selling their homes themselves (known as “for sale by owner” or FSBO).

For Sale by Owner

$?+2.4% to buyer's agent
  • No MLS Listing
  • Seller provides their own photos
  • Create your own sign
  • Guided by your own industry knowledge
  • Make your own changes to your sale
  • Self-service
  • No professional support or assistance
  • No advice or market updates from real estate experts
  • Seller handles showings
  • Seller responsible for listing feedback
  • Seller handles all property inquiries
  • No agent network
  • Seller handles offers or hires an attorney

Lake Country Flat Fee

$2500+2.4% to buyer's agent
  • Website exposure including: MLS, Zillow, and our Property Search page
  • Digital Photo Shoot
  • Professional Yard Sign
  • Comparative Market Analysis and Advice
  • Listing Changes Included
  • Full Service Status
  • Ongoing assistance and support
  • Ongoing Advice and Market Updates
  • All showings coordinated for you
  • Feedback Follow Up
  • All property inquiries handled
  • Agent Networking and Marketing
  • Contract Negotiation and Closing Coordination

Benefits of the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Method

If you’ve sold a home before, you know how quickly the profits of your sale can be eaten up by taxes fees and commissions. Traditional real estate agents take a full 6% from the total sale price of your home. When you sell your home by yourself, you don’t have to pay commissions. In most cases, you’ll probably end up selling to a buyer who also doesn’t use a realtor so the entire 6% stays in your pocket.
Disadvantages of the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Method
Yes, the savings by selling your home yourself are great, but many potential sellers don’t consider all the details that go into the home sale process. Marketing, industry insights, showings, feedback, contracts, and negotiation are all aspects of the sale process that will either work together to save you money or cost you big if handled improperly.

Full Service - Flat Fee Listing

  • Plust 2.4% to agent who procures buyer


Marketing your home online has become easier than ever, but the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) remains the best way to expose your listing to realtors and potential buyers. There’s still no DIY approach to getting your home on MLS—and for good reason.

MLS protects people from fraud by only listing homes through licensed real estate brokers. Not only does an MLS listing advertise for your home, it also adds validity to your listing.

At Lake Country Flat Fee, we’re not only a licensed real estate broker, we’re also on the leading edge of internet marketing for real estate. We’ll market your listing on MLS, on popular sites like Zillow and as well as on our own Property Search web page. These listings include high quality professional images and compelling written descriptions. We’ll even provide tips on minor home improvements that can help you get top dollar for your home.

Industry Insights

If you’ve been following the real estate market, you know that pricing is key. We’ve all seen that house down the block that was priced too high and sat empty for months, even when the market is good!

It’s hard to price your own home properly, especially without in depth knowledge of comparable properties and market trends.

A flat fee listing includes industry insights from veteran real estate professionals and the ability to change your asking price at no additional cost.

At Lake Country Flat Fee our founder Paul Liebe has been the #1 individual residential realtor in all of southeast Wisconsin for over 15 years straight, and Lake Country Flat Fee has been the top selling flat fee real estate company since 2002.

Showings and Feedback

Showings and obtaining potential buyer feedback are challenging for FSBO sellers. The time commitment necessary for scheduling and managing showings can make selling your home yourself difficult. It can also be a struggle to get feedback from potential buyers, especially since most buyers agents are hesitant to show for sale by owner homes and communicate directly with homeowners.

With a flat fee list you’ll have the benefit of full-time listing management. A quality flat fee listing includes coordination of showings and collection feedback from potential buyers on your behalf.

Contracts & Negotiating

Contracts and negotiations are often the most overlooked aspect of the sale process—especially by folks who try to sell their homes themselves.

Negotiating price and other contingencies has become an incredibly complicated aspect of home sale transactions. Seller credits, buyer credits, inspection contingencies, home sale contingencies, appraisal contingencies, and many other incredibly important details to an offer to purchase can have a huge impact on how much you actually make on the sale of your home. And that’s not to mention an improperly written contract for deed can leave you open to legal liabilities you aren’t prepared for.

Many would-be sellers end up paying an attorney to handle the contracts and negotiation—a decision that is often more expensive than flat fee services or even a traditional 6% real estate agent.

With a flat fee listing you’ll have the advantage of an experienced negotiator, and the benefits of a properly licensed and insured real estate agency so you won’t have to worry about legal liabilities.


Our Flat Fee Selling Plan is Smart, Effective, and Affordable!

The Lake Country Flat Fee model was invented by SE Wisconsin's #1 Selling Realtor, Paul Liebe.